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Tenga Egg 'Tube' Penis Stroker by


Tenga Egg 'Tube' Penis Stroker by - Libido Drops™
Tenga Egg 'Tube' Penis Stroker by - Libido Drops™ Tenga Egg 'Tube' Penis Stroker by - Libido Drops™


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Tenga Egg "Tube"

If you're looking for a new kind of thrill, try the Tenga Egg "Tube" Masturbator!

New to male masturbators? An Egg male masturbator toy is an amazing and inexpensive intro to the wonderful world of male masturbation sleeves!

The Tenga Egg male masturbator is made with a super-stretchable material that expands drastically for a perfectly snug fit around your member... regardless of your size.

  • Lubrication included!
  • Discreet and disposable
  • Super-stretchable elastomer expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size
  • Advanced one-size-fits-all, easy-to-use disposable male masturbator


How do you use a Tenga Egg?

1. Remove the protective wrapping from the hard shell.

Remove outer packaging from Tenga Egg


2. Open the hard egg to expose the silicone stroker

Remove packaging from Tenga Egg


3. Remove the lubricant.

Remove the lubricant


4. Apply lubricant to the Tenga Egg

Apply lube to your Tenga Egg


5. Start stroking!

Tenga Egg Penis Toy

How to use a Tenga Egg


We have many EGG masturbators available for purchase! Each EGG has unique internal grooves to give you a new experience with each different EGG.

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