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Coconut Oil – The Natural Lubricant

Coconut Oil – The Natural Lubricant

I have tried many lubricants for intercourse, such as KY jelly, massage oils, creams, many off the shelf products, and have had many adverse reactions, allergies, and irritations.  As I was getting older, I know that my hormones were slowly depleting, and my vaginal wall became thinner.  Sex became a little more painful so I was getting hesitant to do it as often as I would like.  If I did have a wonderful session with my lover there was a bit of discomfort and some healing time required.  A lot of my girlfriends were experiencing the same thing and said they didn’t even care for sex that much anymore because of the pain and discomfort.  What a shame because I feel that sexual encounters are still one of my favorite things to look forward to with my lover. 

 My herbalist suggested I stop spending all this money on specialized off the shelf lubricant products and go right to my kitchen cabinet.  He said try organic coconut oil.  I was flabbergasted.   I knew coconut oil had many uses such as it containing healthy fatty acids, reduces hunger, helps in fat burning, aids in digestion, is a wonderful salve for wounds and burns and the list goes on.  I had never thought to use it for massage and a sexual lubricant

 Not only do we enjoy massaging each other with it, but it’s the best lubricant I ever used.  My man and I love the taste and I feel like it rejuvenates my vagina and I have no pain with sex.  I have told my family and friends and they all agree.  My advice to everyone, stop spending your money on all these crazy products that promise the world.  Take your coconut oil out of your kitchen cabinet, bring it into the bedroom and start enjoying sex again. 

 Michelle Cole

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