Great Sex At Any Age! Enhance Libido Naturally In Men & Women

is a female owned business based in Venice, CA with a mission to share a sex positive line of supplements that address and promote a healthy sex drive in women and men.

With the highest grade of organic and wild harvested herbs, Purely Power proudly offers formulas to boosts libido, and promotes hormonal balance. Our products, Libido Drops are all-natural supplements that addresses loss of desire and sex drive that naturally occur as our physiology changes during the aging process. This formula assists the body the way Mother Nature intended. It is Organic/Wild Harvested, Non-GMO and manufactured in the USA. Purely Power Co wants to ‘Boost Your Bedroom’.

Michelle Cole, owner of Purely Power, is a Certified Yoga Therapist from Loyola Marymount University. She practices a healthy lifestyle that promotes overall wellness. As a mature woman, she wants to change the conversation of aging naturally while still enjoying sex. Over time, loss of sexual desire and intimacy can cause stress on relationships and bring on a lack of self-confidence. Her goal with Libido drops is to open people’s minds and bedrooms about how to regain and embrace your sexuality at any age. Taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally is key to having a healthy sex life, along with taking supplements such as Libido Drops. For various reasons, both men and women seek out sexual enhancement products, and there’s no shame in wanting to have a fulfilling sex life!

Michelle’s dear friend Ron was an herbalist who created an amazing male and female formula to promote sexual wellness that he used for over 30 years. According to Ron, “Low libido can bring about emotional and physical issues within each individual and the relationship with their significant other”. Intimacy and sexual desire are vital entities of a healthy relationship. He developed his original formula to help enhance and balance these issues. When creating Libido Drops, he added some key ingredients and doses he had never used in his formula before, and he felt he perfected it. He took it every day and kept his wife happy. She had confessed to Michelle that he never had a problem getting an erection even at 75 years old. They were together for over 40 years and Ron wanted everyone to be able to have a happy fulfilling sex life and long-lasting relationship. Michelle continues to share his legacy with “Libido Drops” for women, men, and couples for combined sexual pleasure.


What makes Libido Drops Different is that it was created by a true herbalist using a perfect balance of the highest quality organic and wild herbs chosen for their health benefits to help others enjoy sex at any age! Our product incorporates ingredients such as damiana, yohimbe, wild yam root and others that are capable of igniting sexual arousal, enhancing performance, and lubrication in women and vitality.

We are so confident In our Libido Drops products that it comes with a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back, regardless of whether the bottle is completely empty.