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Problems with Estrogen Imbalance?

Problems with Estrogen Imbalance?

Ladies, Is an Estrogen Imbalance a Big Deal to you? It Should Be.

Do you have an estrogen imbalance? Estrogen assists women in puberty, menstrual cycle, cholesterol, bone health, brain, heart, skin, and other tissues. Also, estrogen contributes a lot to your sex drive. According to, 33% of women in America suffer from low sex drive and one out of three women suffering low sex drive DON’T CARE. But you should care because great sex is an intrigal part of having a healthy body and relationship.  

According to the Hormone Health Network, low estrogen in women causes; disruption of the menstrual cycle, problems with hot flashes and/or night sweats, trouble sleeping, dryness of the vagina, low sex drive, mood swings, migraines and dry skin. What a nightmare!

High estrogen in women causes; weight gain, menstrual problems, worsening of premenstrual syndrome, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, fatigue, loss of sex drive, and depression.  Can a woman get a break?

Both can cause a strain on your body, your significant other and everyone around you.

Luckily, our female libido drops contain Wild Yam Root and Eleuthero Root. Wild Yam Root stated by Lana Butner, ND is a plant that contains diosgenin that is a source of the steroid estrogen in women and is used and promoted as a “natural alternative” to estrogen therapy. Eleuthero Root stated by Miho Hatanaka RDN, LD helps manage women’s estrogen who are going through menopause. These herbs are widely used to help balance out estrogen. That is why we include these amazing natural ingredients in our product. Libido Drops for women is a great way to help you have an increased libido and an amazing sex drive. Check out the ‘buy now’ section to order your Libido Drops! Get better sex with libido drops today!    

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